About Us


Since 2005 Mother Natures Goodies has been supplying over 80,000 customers with Aromatherapy products.  Even though our range has grown, we are still very much a small family business looking to supply great quality products that don't cost the Earth.  As such, we choose our suppliers carefully, ethically source as much as we can, and do our utmost to minimise our carbon footprint.

We employ 9 staff in the South Wales valleys and consistently try to contribute to our local community.



As Mother Natures Goodies has grown, we find more and more people contact us for information as well as products.  We are seen as very much a thought and content leader and in recognition of this, our site aims to provide as much information as possible to our customers and more importantly, deliver this information in a concise and meaningful manner.

Our Essential Oil Guide comprises of A4 Data Sheets on most essential oils, which may be downloaded free of charge from our site.  Similarly, users can download safety handling information on a given oil, together with important storage information.  

However our most unique and unrivalled service is the Certificate of Analysis download.  Simply by entering the three digit batch code found on any of our products, users can download a certificate providing all the information we obtain in advance from our suppliers.

But service is also about people, not just technology, which is why you can meet our team on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or on our blog. In the unlikely event you ever want to see them, just visit our YouTube Channel to watch the 5 minute tutorials for each essential oil or click on the embedded links to try favourite recipe ideas for all Mother Natures Goodies Oils.

We are a small, close-knit team, aiming to deliver great service as standard.  Occasionally things don't quite go to plan, but we aim to correct these situations both quickly and to our clients' complete satisfaction. 



We are confident that all products supplied are fit for purpose and we go to great lengths to ensure our customers receive great quality at affordable prices.

The production system used is designed to meet the demands of ISO 9000.  All products are fully traceable by the batch number that appears on the product label, and samples of every batch of every oil are stored for future reference.

Mother Natures Goodies comply with all EU Standards and Regulations in terms of  product purity, fragrance, storage and shelf life.  Indeed, we are the only supplier offering automatic traceabllity on-line via our unique certificate of analysis service.


We are a socially responsible company in that we consider the impact our business decisions have on the local, national and global community.

We try to support other local companies where possible by ordering as many of our supplies as close to Mother Natures Goodies as we can.  Where this is not possible we consider our carbon footprint and take active steps to minimise it.